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Silicon Data Access Arrangements (DAA), Phone Line Interface Telephone Network Interfaces

Connecting to telephone networks for both voice and data applications requires a suitable interface that offers all of the required functionality and that is compatible with the network. IXYS Integrated Circuits Division offers two types of data access arrangement solutions, LITELINK™ and Cybergate™.

LITELINK is a single-IC high-speed, low cost phone line interface (DAA) solution.

Cybergate offers faster integration for lower-speed applications.

LITELINK single-package silicon phone line interfaces (DAA) use optical technology to provide the required isolation barrier, eliminating high cost capacitors or transformers.

This solution saves cost relative to competitive solutions through reduced passive component count and smaller printed-circuit board space.

LITELINK supports differential and single-end receive and transmit ports providing a simple analog interface to popular voice and modem codecs.
• Voice and data applications
• Modem DAA for speeds up to V.92
• Half-wave or full-wave ring detection
• Worldwide telephone network    compatibility
• Caller-ID reception
• Line side powered from telephone line
• 3.3 or 5V power supply
• Easy interface with modem ICs and    voice CODECs
• High power transmit option

• Computer telephony
• VoIP gateways
• PBXs
• Satellite set-top box
• V.92 modems
• Fax machines
• Voice mail systems
• Embedded modems
• Vending Machines
• Automated banking
• Remote metering
• Surveillance
• Security systems
LITELINK III Evaluation Board
The CPC5622-EVAL-600R evaluation board ships with the CPC5622 LITELINK III and CPC5712 voltage monitor to demonstrate the functionality of a PSTN two-wire terminating interface that provides both the analog voice transmission and signaling functions. The analog interface is configured to provide a 600 Ohm resistive AC impedance with 0dB gain in both the transmit and receive directions. While the CPC5622 provides the hook switch and ringing detect signaling functions, the CPC5712 is utilized to monitor and detect changes in the DC line voltage to determine loop status and signaling information sent by the network. Status of the loop is given by the logic level outputs of the three CPC5712 on-board detectors indicating Loop Presence, Line In Use, and Loop Polarity.
LIGHTLINK III Evaluation Board      
 Product Data Sheet
 CPC5620 R5
Half-Wave Ringing Detect/CID Select Control
Block Diagram / Schematic
 CPC5621 R5
Full-wave Ringing Detect/ CID Select Control
 CPC5622 R3
Half-wave and full-wave ringing detect with simultaneous CID
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LITELINK III Evaluation Board Documentation

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Application Notes for LITELINK III

Reference Designs

   LITELINK Support Components
 Data Sheet
 CPC5602 R10 350V FET for LITELINK  
 CPC5603 R8 415V FET for LITELINK  
 CPC5710 R3 Phone Line Monitor  
 CPC5712 R2 Voltage Monitor With Detectors  
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  LITELINK III Block Diagram
LITELINK III North American Resistive Termination Application TOP
LITELINK III Resistive Application Schematic




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